Seven Spring Water

The land in Northern Ontario is a picture postcard of beautiful forests, clear lakes and fresh air. Far beneath the surface in this beautiful part of the world, nature offers up from natural springs some of the clearest, purest water on Earth.

Seven Water Bottle

These natural springs flow on private land owned by the Rochon family for generations. Until recently, only visitors to the land could experience this bright, cold, crystal clear water.

Now, Rochon Premium Brands is bringing this incomparable water to others. If you thought the only alternative to tap water was the mass-produced bottled water stacked on grocery store shelves, you simply must experience something completely different -- the best of what nature can produce.

Seven Spring Water is drawn from underground springs that begin in the limestone rock formations deep beneath Rochon family property in the Lanark Highlands, surrounded by protected Crown Lands. Access to the spring is rigorously controlled by the Canadian government, so it comes to you with all of its freshness intact. It is bottled by persons in the area who are experts at knowing the wilderness and its treasures.

There is something extraordinary about this water, which has earned highest praise for its natural mineral content and thirst-quenching powers. It is as pure, simple and natural as any beverage could be. Tea, coffee or other beverages made from this water will astonish you when you taste the difference.

Quite simply, this is nature's best drink -- offered exactly as nature intended.

We invite you to enjoy this marvelous spring water and taste the pristine purity of the finest water in the world.

Why is 7 Still Spring Water Superior?

Many bottled waters are nothing more than processed tap water.

They are prepared using distillation or reverse osmosis. All of the natural dissolved elements (minerals) are removed, leaving pure H2O. Although some companies market this water as "beneficial" because of its relative purity, the truth is that such so-called "pure" water is not good for you. It is one of the universal solvents, capable of dissolving steel and other metals, as well as rock. (Take dirty dishes, even with hard, baked on food, put them in water and, within minutes, the food dissolves and wipes off the plate -- that is the corrosive nature of "pure" water!)

Doctors use "pure" water as a way of non-surgically removing (dissolving) gallstones and kidney stones, which are mineral accumulations in the body. However, water is the medium that gives the cells in our body the electrolytes needed to maintain healthy cell function. Drinking "pure" water leaches these essential elements from the cells of our body. The bottom line? Drinking "pure" water on a regular basis is harmful to the body.

"Pure" water will never quench your thirst, because it lacks those essential elements. That is why athletes consume so called 'energy' drinks that revitalize (remineralize) their bodies by replacing the electrolytes that they have lost during sports. Some bottled water companies realize this and add dissolved elements to their "purified" water to remineralize it.

7 Still Spring Water is a natural spring water that contains these essential elements, through the natural processes of nature, in concentrations that are not too high or too low -- and with a pH level that is neither too acidic or too alkaline.

In other words, 7 is nature's perfect beverage, prepared naturally in the pristine hills of northwestern Lanark County, Ontario, Canada.

Drink healthy -- drink 7!